Dear friends, we are pleased to announce that we have launched the website of “Professor Yutskovskaya’s School”. Now You can find all the information about the school on our new website:

“Professor Yutskovskaya’s School”

Contact us: 8 (915) 250-50-00, 8 (914) 791-35-68

Our address: 26 Prospect Budennogo, building 1, Moscow 105118, Russia.

The Manager of the School
Zhadobina Irina -
8 (915) 250-50-00

School Director and Teacher​
Galina Naumchik -
8 (914) 791-35-68

“Professor Yutskovskaya’s School” – the author’s educational project of MD, Professor Yana Yutskovskaya.

The teachers of the school are the doctors of her Clinics, which helps them to share with colleagues author’s techniques and practical clinical experience.

The School has a “Bank of models” (a model pays only the cost of the drugs)

The School also holds seminars and master-classes on the basis of “Professor Yutskovskaya’s Clinic” (Moscow) and also offsite events – for participation in congresses and conferences, and upon a request for thematic training.

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