Before beginning any cosmetic procedures, it is essential to make a diagnosis of the skin. Every clinic has a special magnifier combined with bright lighting, which helps the specialist examine in detail the structure and condition of the patient’s skin.

Which features of the skin can be seen this way?

Stratum corneum of the skin

During the examination, the doctor will see the texture of the surface layer of the skin. The skin should be smooth with slight shine and rather thin. In case the surface layer has flakes or seals it needs treatment.

The reasons of too tight skin can be different. It can be improper care, various skin diseases, for example seborrhea. In addition, dead skin particle often cause acne. However, sometimes skin shelling is a normal process, for example, after some procedures. Peels, microdermabrasion contribute to skin cells renewal.  

Visible vessels on the face

It is impossible to determine the presence of extended vessels without a detailed examination. The main thing that the doctor should determine is the degree of fragility of blood vessels, as this requires special care.

Skin tone 

Bad complexion is a common problem for many women living in big cities. It is a consequence of the effects of toxins, smoking and slow recovery processes of cells. In such cases, the doctor may prescribe peels and lymphatic drainage.

Types of pigmentation

  1. Melasma – small spots, which have a brownish hue. They appear during pregnancy or because of different medications.
  2. Lentigo – slightly protruding spots, which appear in old age or after excessive sun exposure.
  3. Freckles – small spots, which appear in sunny seasons.
  4. Different types of pigmentation are the results of acne or certain procedures.

Papillomas, moles and warts

Any papillomas, moles and warts should be regularly measured and monitored and in case of any changes, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

Other methods of diagnosis

There are other types of devices to examine the skin condition. They help to identify internal problems of skin. Only a qualified specialist can detect unobtrusive seals, dehydration and many other things, and the correct diagnosis is the first step to healthy and beautiful skin.

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