Modern lifestyle in big cities has its rules and it is necessary to meet the modern trends. Nowadays it is popular for men to have beard, however, for women hair on face or on other body parts is a real problem.

Bioepilation, i.e. the wax is not very popular today, as it is a painful procedure, which should be done on a regular basis. That is why there are new methods of getting rid of hair in modern cosmetology:

Laser cosmetology offers effective removal of all types of hairs. Today it is possible to get rid of hair upon the lips, on the legs and in the bikini area, getting excellent result.

Laser hair removal is carried out during several procedures, which number is purely individual and detected by the doctor. We take into account all features of the patient and have individual approach to every procedure. If you do not want to waste your time and hate unwanted hair – the solution is laser epilation. Waiting for you in our Clinic!

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