In case of inflammation of the scalp, it is recommended to replace a conventional shampoo by pharmacy shampoo. It is also better to refrain from hair coloring, blow-drying and using hair styling products.

Irritation, itching and redness can be the results of incorrect cosmetic care, bad habits and poor nutrition. At the same time, they can indicate more serious problems (burns, injuries).

 Dandruff – a disease, which is characterized by flaking of the upper layers of the epidermis, the formation of small white flakes. Its occurrence is usually related with active colonization of yeast-like fungi.

Seborrheic dermatitis – is a disturbance of functionality of the sebaceous glands, manifested by excessive oiliness of the scalp or dryness. It is usually accompanied by itching, loss of hair and inflammation of deeper layers of the skin.

Mycosis – a disease, manifested by abundant desquamation and formation of yellow crust, tightly attached to the skin and activation of fungal microflora.

The scalp psoriasis - an autoimmune disease accompanied by redness of the epithelium and the layering of grayish scales.

Microspores – the disease affects the epidermis and hair shafts. This disease is also accompanied by formation of white membrane, itching and flaking, hair break off at the roots.

The main patients’ mistake is self-medication. Many people hope that the symptoms will go away by themselves and that an expensive shampoo from the pharmacy will help. Unfortunately, the miracle will not happen. Without the timely therapy occurs a natural process: the cells stop struggling and the disease acquires a chronic form.

The main aims of treatment:

  • Improve the general and local immunity
  • Restore the psycho-emotional condition
  • Normalize the metabolism
  • Eliminate inflammation, fungal infection
  • Remove all unpleasant symptoms, revitalize the hair and restore the affected tissues
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