Problems of scalp are one of the most common in cosmetology. Permanent or temporary uncomfortable feelings cause discomfort. The treatment of scalp consists of fighting the symptoms and identifying the real causes of the disease, which may be associated with infection. Treatment of such diseases without a doctor is very difficult and in 95% - impossible. The methods of traditional medicine can only worsen the situation.

The causes of scalp diseases:

  • Stress, emotional stress;
  • Hormonal problems;
  • Disorders in the digestive system;
  • Lack of vitamins and microelements;
  • Chronic infectious processes in the body;
  • Improper care (hair drying, frequent coloring);
  • Damage due to burns or other injuries;
  • Decreased immunity
  • Poor ecological situation

Normally, the immune system can easily cope with pathogens, producing enough leucocytes, which neutralize the harmful agents. However, in case of severe forms of diseases, the immune system does not functions at full capacity, which is an ideal condition for activation of pathogenic microflora.

Treatment of scalp dermatitis

This disease is equally common among men and women, and is defined as seborrheic dermatitis. Treatment requires complex therapy, which can be assigned only by a doctor. The specialist also prescribes medications of antihistamines group in combination with a diet, which excludes food, which can cause allergy. If the disease is caused by bacteria, then the doctor prescribes antibiotics and antiviral drugs. In some cases, hospitalization is requires.

Treatment of scalp itching

The cause of itching could be parasites (head lice). If itching is caused by seborrhea, then it is important to pay attention to nutrition, proper rest avoid stress and visit the doctor.

Treatment of dry scalp

The lack of nutrients and vitamins, various diseases of internal organs can cause dryness and dandruff. In this case, it is recommended to change the shampoo and apply different hair masks, which will help relieve inflammation and saturate the hair with essential elements.

Treatment of scalp irritation is the same. Synthetic beauty products for hair is replaced by homemade or all-natural remedies.

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