Dry dandruff. Develops in case of increased dryness of the scalp. The hair splitting and become brittle. The flakes appear all over the surface of the hair, mainly parietal and frontal areas.

Oily dandruff. Develops in case of disorders of the sebaceous glands. Lots of black spots appear on the skin. The hair becomes greasy and appears itching because fat clogs the excretory ducts of sweat and sebaceous glands, irritating the nerves.

Conditionally pathogenic microflora always exists in the human body. The yeast Malassezia Furfur is harmless, while there are no predisposing factors. In case of disorder in the functioning of sebaceous glands and changes of pH-indicators, the amount of fungus increases sharply, accelerating the splitting of its cells and causing the formation of flakes. The reasons for rapid development of the disease can be a metabolic disorder, rapid weight loss, lack of vitamins A and B. In this case, the treatment not only includes reception of polyvitaminic complexes, including methods of improving normal metabolism.

Improper hair care – use of inappropriate shampoos and conditioners, frequent hair coloring and use of hairstyle products. Hairspray can form an impermeable pellicle on the scalp, changing the water-lipid basis. Negative effects have perming and lightening of the hair. Frequent use of hairdryer increases the dryness of the scalp, which leads to seborrhea. Nervous stress, physical and emotional exhaustion can cause low immunity, which will cause activation of yeast fungus. In this case, the complex treatment of dandruff should include improvement of operation of a nervous system.

At the beginning of the treatment the trichologist collects anamnesis, takes into account the quality of hair care, the patient’s habits, commodities, genetic factors. In some cases, the doctor can conduct computer diagnostics or micro-video diagnostics.

The methods of dandruff treatment

  • Ozone therapy of the scalp dries and cleanses the skin by exposure of active oxygen molecules, detoxifies and improves metabolism of cells;
  • Mesotherapy of hair and scalp (microinjections of vitamins) provide  adequate nutrition of the scalp and improves local immunity;
  •  Laser treatment has a powerful antiseptic effect, removes inflammation, normalizes blood circulation;
  • Physiotherapy activates all biochemical processes at the micro level and destroys pathogenic microflora.

Prevention of dandruff

  • Usage of shampoos, conditioners and masks, chosen by a specialist;
  • Refraining from too fatty, spicy and sugary food;
  • Eating of food rich in zinc, magnesium, vitamins A, B, C, E;
  • Pure non-carbonated water;
  • Avoiding of stress and fatigue;
  • Not wearing other people’s combs and hats.

In most cases, patients need local antifungal therapy. The treatment of dry dandruff is based on the restoration of normal functioning of the sebaceous glands, hydration and nutrition of the scalp. The doctor also prescribes vitamin therapy. The treatment of oily dandruff is aimed at stabilization of the balance of the skin, reduction subcutaneous fat production, generation of hair, normalization of pH levels. If the cause of the disease is endocrine disorder, then the treatment should be planned together with an endocrinologist. The doctor can also assign a consultation with a gastroenterologist

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