There are many reasons for itchy scalp, and it is difficult to find the exact one. The most common reasons are:

Parasites. Observance of all norms of hygiene cannot completely exclude the possibility of contracting a parasitic infection such as scabies or demodicosis. Before going to the doctor it is better to ask your relative to examine your head and hair roots through a magnifier glass.

Seborrhea. A very common cause of itching and burning of the scalp. Subcutaneous glands produce an excess amount of fat. Seborrhea often causes dandruff. Seborrheic dermatitis is a serious disease of chronic nature, which is difficult to be cured without specialist’s help. Trichologists recommend an set of procedures.

Allergic reaction. The skin of an allergic person can react to anything: shampoo, hair mask, new beauty products, etc. in this case, it is necessary to refrain from the product, which irritates the skin and start using a neutral shampoo without sodium lauryl sulfate.

Dryness of the skin. Dryness and itching of the scalp are interdependent. Dry skin is the main cause of itching. If the hair is dry and brittle, and actively absorb moisture, it means that the skin does not produce enough sebum. Specialists recommend using moisturizing masks, creams, shampoos.

Lack of vitamins. An unbalanced diet can be the cause of skin itching, because the organism does not get enough vitamins and minerals.

Allergic to hair dye. It is one of the main reasons among girls and women. In most cases, itchy scalp after coloring is associated with allergy, which is caused by a dye with ammonia and peroxide. Fungal infections of the scalp. Fungal infection of also requires complex and prolonged treatment. As a rule, the treatment includes not only shampoos and lotions, but also antifungal drugs and sometimes remedies to enhance immunity.

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