Tightening of the oval of the face is much more difficult than getting rid of deep wrinkles. The reason lies in the fact that this process affects not only superficial skin layers, but also muscles. In a modern cosmetology, there is a wide range of ways to tighten the oval of the face.

Hardware methods

SMAS-lifting – is a lifting with use of deep ultrasonic impact on the subcutaneous layers. During this process occurs stimulation of synthesis of collagen, elastin. SMAS-lifting can also be surgical.

Myolifting – exposure of subcutaneous layers by the use of electric current. Increases the production of substances, responsible for the turgor and elasticity of the skin. In addition, it improves blood circulation, oxygen exchange and metabolism in the treated area, normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands. The procedure is also effective against cellulite, breast sagging and skin rash.

Laser lifting is based on the action of laser, which affects collagen and elastin production in the subcutaneous layers, eliminating the sagging of the face. Laser removes stagnation in the dermis and improves metabolism.


Injection methods include injection of special substances, which are responsible for the youth, elasticity of the skin. Over the years, their production decreases, leading to the sagging skin. The most popular injection techniques:



-contour plastic surgery

The common thing between biorevitalization and mesotherapy is hyaluronic acid; the difference is its concentration. The first involves intradermal injection of hyaluronic acid only. The second includes a complex of nutrients with hyaluronic acid. Mesotherapy is good at the initial stages of skin sagging, while for others should be used biorevitalization.

Contour plasty surgery – is another method of correction of the oval of the face. The specialist determines the areas for injections of fillers. Such fillers consist of hyaluronic acid, collagen, autologous fat (lipofilling). Fillers can both tighten skin and create a volume in a certain area.


It is a worthy alterative to the surgery. This procedure forms the skeleton of the face. Specialists use both absorbable and non-absorbable (gold threads) material. Non-absorbable threads remain in on the skin forever.

There is no doubt that the best result can be achieved with plastic surgery, but it has no alternatives only if the situation is neglected. Now most girls begin to care for themselves very early and do not neglect the aging process.

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