Different types of pigmentation do not affect the well-being of a person, but worsen the appearance. If the spots appear on the face, it is difficult to cover them. Besides, they make the face look older. This problem can be solved complexly – by finding out the reason and preventing their appearance.

The causes

First of all, it is necessary to find out the cause of pigment spots. If the person does not have any diseases of endocrine systems, liver, CNS, hepatitis A, melanoma and others, which cause pigment spots then the additional treatment will not be needed. In addition, one of the most common causes is excessive sun exposure. In case you do not have any diseases, which cause pigmentation, then there is a need to apply a variety of different procedures.

Chemical peeling

  • Superficial – can only lighten the spots. It removes only the upper skin layer that is why it is considered the most gentle.
  • Median – the pigmentation becomes much lighter, because it removes a thicker skin layer
  • Deep – phenol is used to affect the skin layers, which causes deep tissue death, enforcing even the deepest skin layers to rejuvenate. This method eliminates pigmentation completely, but it is rather painful and sometimes accompanied by complications. 


It is usually used in combination with peeling. Special remedies are injected under the skin. They contribute to enlightening of the spots and control the production of melanin.


Hyaluronic acid is injected under the skin, which helps the skin cells to renew. New cells help the skin look younger and pigmentation is becoming less visible.

Laser correction

There are two types – hot and cold.

Cold method is carried out with special laser, which removes the skin layers with pigmentation. Hot method allows remove deeper skin layers and starts the renewal processes.


  • AFT procedures lead to destruction of old collagen layers. If there are many dead skin particles the normal metabolism is impossible and the procedure eliminates this problem.
  • IPL is carried out with special light without UV radiation. It leads to destruction of melanin, what relieves the skin from unwanted pigmentation


It is carried out with mechanical removal of old skin layer using abrasive micro granules. This way, eliminated not only the upper layer, but also pigmented cells.


In our clinic, work only the most qualified specialists, who choose the appropriate procedure for each patient. Each method makes it possible to reduce pigmentation and to make the skin look younger, fresher. However, it is often needed to pass a whole course to achieve the best results.

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