The main cause of formation of a double chin is the natural aging process, which is influenced by several factors, such as predisposition, excess weight and other factors. Diet and special exercises are not always enough to get rid of the chin, usually it requires special procedures.


During the procedure, the chin area is exposed to micro currents or constant impulse current. In most cases, the doctor injects under the skin special medications, which speed up the breakdown of adipose tissue. This way they have an impact on the area that needs correction. The effect is noticeable after the 1st session, but the best result can be achieved after a course of 10 procedures.

Ozone therapy

During the procedure, the doctor injects a mixture of ozone and oxygen, which accelerate the metabolism of fat cells. After 3-5 sessions, the skin is tightened, but the procedure is a bit painful and is not suitable for patients older than 50 years.


This method is applied in combination with injection lipolysis, lymphatic drainage, or massage. Independently it will not help to get rid of a double chin. During myostimulation, metabolism in the cells speeds up because of the influence of impulse currents.


In some cases, people up to 35 years old can reduce or get rid of the double chin with the help of massage. It should be conducted by a specialist, and the course should consist of 12-15 procedures. It does not take a lot of time and does not cause discomfort.

Injections of preparations for fat burning or lipolysis

This method is one of the most effective for the problem of double chin. The doctor injects the drugs, which split the fat cells. It is possible to get rid of the double chin completely after a course of 5-7 procedures. This method is a quick way to solve the problem, and the holes after injections heal in a few days.  Lipolysis can be conducted only by a competent specialist, because medical errors in this procedure can cause many complications. Besides, the procedure is painful.

Hardware techniques

Modern hardware methods help avoid surgical treatment. A specialized apparatus affects fat cells and heats them. This improves the appearance of the skin and accelerates metabolic processes. To get rid of a double chin completely, it is necessary to undergo a course of procedures, the number of which depends on the amount of fat deposits and personal characteristics. The result lasts for a long time, but the price is rather high.

Treatment with ultrasonic waves

The use of special gels together with ultrasound also helps to eliminate the fat layer of the chin. There are no complications after the procedure, and a small swelling lasts only for a weeks. The price of the treatment is rather high, and the procedures should take place from 3 to 14 weeks. Nevertheless, the result will be persistent and the procedure is not painful.

A correct selection of the treatment is made by a doctor.

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