Every woman is dreaming about beautiful skin. But these black spots ruin all dreams about perfect skin. Is it possible to get rid of them for good?

What is it and the reasons of their appearance?

Comedones or as they also called black spots are clogged sebaceous glands. Fat accumulates there and do not goes out, which leads to inflammation process. There are also other reasons:

  • Poor diet
  • Poor skin care
  • Heredity
  • Staying in a humid environment
  • Certain medications

The ways of fighting the black spots

Despite a small size of the spots, they bring many problems to a person: the face looks bad-groomed and ugly. The first thing that comes to mind is to squeeze them. Many people think that it is the most simple and effective way to get rid of them. Unfortunately, they are wrong. This method has many disadvantages. It is not hygienic and quite painful. Besides, there is a risk of bringing infection.

If you have decided to get rid of the spots by yourself, these are the recommendations to you:

  1. Before the procedure wash the hands and face and then disinfect these places
  2. After the procedure, it is essential to wipe the face with a softening lotion without alcohol. Then you need to apply the pore tightening mask.

The more effective way to get rid of them is to steam the pores. After that, a simple scrub is applied. The steaming can be conducted with chamomile, which is anti-inflammatory.

Blue clay is the perfect way to clean the skin. A simple mask is made out of this blue clay. After washing off the mask, it is necessary to wipe the face with lotion or tonic.

Preventive measures:

Nowadays traditional medicine offers a wide range of various methods to get rid of the black spots. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get rid of them completely and for good. That is why preventive measures are rather important.

Such preventive measures include:

  • Skin cleansing in the morning and evening
  • Cleaning of the face with a sponge or linen cloth
  • Proper diet

By following these rules, it is possible to get rid of black spots.

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