Papilloma, nevus, wart and other neoplasms look very unpleasant and worsen the appearance. They can also lead to health problems. The skin is a very fragile organ and it often suffers from negative influence of the environment and other external and internal factors. If any neoplasm appears it is necessary to find out whether it is malignant or not.


First, the cosmetologist examines the patient, asking the necessary questions. Then follow additional examinations:

  • Digital Dermatoscopy – using a highly magnifying device the specialist examines in details the neoplasm
  • Skin Ultrasound – such method makes it possible to choose the proper treatment without surgery
  •  Consultation with the oncologist – such consultation is needed if there is a suspicion that the neoplasm is malignant
  • Consultation with the plastic surgeon – it is needed if you would like to get rid of the neoplasm and at the same time make the affected area les noticeable

Removal of neoplasms

Laser removal is carried out by a dermatologist. Such method makes it possible to get rid of the neoplasm with minimal damage to the healthy tissues. The procedure leaves a small inconspicuous scar in the affected area.

The anesthesia during the procedure is local with special gel. The time of the correction depends on the type and size of the neoplasm, but it is usually no more than 30 minutes. Laser correction is used for warts, various nevi, papillomas, and for contagious mollusks, seborrheic keratosis, keratitis, age lentigo, and cutaneous horns.

Surgical correction is carried out by a surgeon and in cases when the neoplasm is malignant – by surgeon oncologist. It is used for basal cell carcinoma, lipoma, atheroma, dermatofibroma, radiation injury and residual tumors.

Surgical removal is used when the size and depth of the neoplasms makes it impossible for laser to remove them. At the same time, the doctor performs a surgery to eliminate the consequences of the removal.

In case the neoplasm is malignant, it is removed only surgically. After such removal, the doctor conducts a plastic surgery to correct the defect, in order to avoid scars.

Our Clinic is equipped with all the necessary equipment, which allows us to diagnose and eliminate all types of cosmetic defects. As for our specialists, they have experience and carry out all kinds of corrections of neoplasms.

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