Stretch marks (striae) are very common for both women and men of any age. Such marks can be different:

  • Thin light strips
  • Small scars with light thin colour
  • The scars of a large size, which are blue or maroon


The way the stretch marks appear

The marks appear in the areas where the skin is very thin. The places where the marks have just appear have such pronounced color because blood vessels become visible. Within 6 months, the affected area is becoming thicker and light pink scars appear. 

Women often suffer from stretch marks during pregnancy and puberty and in cases of rapid set and loss of weight. The appearance of striae can also be influenced by long-term use of hormones and antibiotics.

As for men, stretch marks can appear in adolescence during the rapid growth, weight gain and as a result of hormonal disorder. Stretch marks also appear on the bodies of people engaged in sports, especially if they use anabolic steroids.


Removal of stretch marks

Creams, oils and others cannot help remove the striae; they can only help prevent the appearance of the stretch marks. If the stretch marks are small and not very thin, superficial peels and mesotherapy can help, especially if they are combined. 

Mesotherapy and Peeling

During the procedure of mesotherapy, the doctor injects special remedies, which help improve the skin condition. The remedies are chosen individually, they include various vitamins, collagen, natural components, amino acids and so on. The peeling conducted before and after the procedure significantly improves the result. The duration of the course of treatment depends on the width and depth of stretch marks.

Fractional Laser Resurfacing

This method makes it possible to get rid of any stretch marks. It is a fast and effective way to solve the problem. However, not every stretch mark can be removed, but it is possible to make it much less visible. The stretch marks that appear after pregnancy are better treated together with RF-lifting. This way it is possible to achieve impressive results and to tighten the skin in the areas of abdomen and breast. 

Laser Resurfacing – is a very traumatic method of correction and the skin needs some time to recover. During the first 10-14 days after the procedure, it is necessary to apply special bandages or treat the skin with protective creams. In two weeks, it is necessary to start moisturizing creams to accelerate healing.

It is prohibited to sunbathe during 3 months after the procedure. Otherwise, it can lead to pigment spots or white spots. As the skin recovers, it is noticeable that the stretch marks are almost invisible.

Recently formed stretch marks are treated easier, that is why it is better to go to the clinic as soon as possible. Our specialists will do whatever is necessary to achieve the best results.

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