Cosmetic defects on the face and body may limit the person’s mobility and worsen the appearance. This problem can be solved by elimination of these scars.

Actual information

Unfortunately, scar tissue has such structure that the defect cannot be eliminated completely. However, it is possible to smooth them on 90 percent using modern methods.

Pharmaceutical drugs

There are remedies that are sold in a pharmacy.  These are silicone gels, sprays, dressings. The price is high, but the positive result is confirmed by the consumers. It is important to use them timely, as this way, it is possible to rid the scar completely 

In addition, the most effective way of removing defects on the skin is laser resurfacing.

What is laser resurfacing?

Today one of the novelties in cosmetology is laser resurfacing. This procedure makes it possible to correct different skin defects, to get rid of various scars. The procedure is appealing especially for those who want to improve the appearance without plastic surgery.

Every year the resurfacing techniques are becoming better and better, that is why there is no need to worry. The laser affects the skin very carefully.

As for health, laser rejuvenation is absolutely safe for skin and person’s health if it is used by professionals with modern equipment.

How is it used?

During the procedure, the upper layer of epidermis is evaporated and then the remaining cells begin to split, replacing the old ones. This results in recovering of the collagen layer of epidermis.

The procedure makes it possible to:

  • Get rid of zits
  • Make a healthy complexion
  • Make age skin healthy
  • Get rid of wrinkles around mouth and eyes
  • Get rid of age spots
  • Tight the skin on the neck and décolleté


Laser resurfacing is the most innovative and appealing to patients surgical method. It causes evaporation of scars. At the same time, the tissues are not damaged. However, this procedure has several limitations: the age under 18, taking retinoids, herpes. Other recommendations are discussed with the specialist.

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