Fast hair growth is composed of many factors. For example, sebum plays a major role, as the lack of it leads to dry and brittle hair and excessive secretion results in sebaceous hair, which require intensified care.

Stimulation of hair growth on the head is proper nutrition, vitamins, vegetables and fruits. Proper care (proper shampoos) is also of big importance.

The masks for hair growth should be correctly chosen in accordance with the hair type. Such remedies include components, which cause a rush of blood to the head, giving the impulse to increased hair growth.  

Now there are various cosmetic remedies for increasing hair growth on the head. However, the trichologists say that such medications should be taken used under supervision of a doctor. In this case, it will not be harmful to the organism and the hair will be long and beautiful.   

Specialists recommend a range of treatments to stimulate hair growth.

To speed up the hair growth the doctors assign head massage, it is possible to use castor or coconut oil. The specialist rubs the oil into the scalp, providing a rush of blood, which is good for hair growth.

Cryomassage. Stimulates blood circulation and nutrition of the scalp, having a positive effect on hair follicles and condition of the hair.

Mesotherapy. Properly selected cocktail of vitamins, improves the condition of the follicles, stimulating hair growth.

Thermal sauna. Gentle effect of steam opens pores, activates blood vessels, “awakening” the hair follicles.

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