Everyone wants to be young and beautiful for a lifetime, but even the most expensive and high-quality cosmetics cannot conceal the sings of skin aging. One of the most noticeable and, unfortunately, inevitable signs is the loss of skin elasticity, due to the reducing amount of collagen in the body.

The causes of sagging skin

Doctors keep saying that unhealthy lifestyle, alcohol abuse and smoking are the signs of rapid aging of the organism, which has a great impact on the face. Sagging skin can be not only on face but also on the body, which, however, can be corrected by intensive physical exercises or can be hidden under properly chosen clothes.

 Nevertheless, the sings of aging affect the face and neck, and they cannot be hidden even with very expensive cosmetics.

Therefore, the main causes of skin aging include alcohol abuse, smoking and use of poor quality cosmetics. These factors often make women at the age of 25 look at all thirty years old or even older.

Stress, hormonal drugs and adverse environment also affect the skin, but through simple procedures, for example, use of high-quality cream can help avoid early aging of the skin.

Finally, the objective cause of skin aging is the slowdown of production of collagen and elastin fibers, which stimulate the renewal of the cells of blood, lymph and skin and rejuvenate the organism.

Methods of treatment

The fight with skin aging should begin at the age of 25 years old. Only this way it is possible to achieve successful results.

It is necessary to include in your daily diet plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, which saturate the body with nutrients. In addition, it is essential to start doing physical exercises on a daily basis.

A great way to get rid of the first signs of sagging skin is to undergo a course of massage, which will force your body to accelerate the cell renewal process of the skin. Facial massage can be performed at home, but it is better to get recommendations from a specialist.

Another way of getting rid of sagging skin, which is popular among women after 40 years, is injection methods.

What injection methods are known?

The most popular procedure for skin rejuvenation is injection of botox or dysport in the face. The injection is made with a special thin needle, which leaves no traces on the face and, consequently, no side effects. However, the effect lasts only for several weeks, after which the patient should go back to the clinic.

Another way is mesotherapy or injection of special preparations, which normalize the process of collagen formation and skin cells renewal.   

However, it is important to remember that the best result can be achieved through combination of injections and healthy lifestyle as well as high-quality cosmetics.

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