Leshunov Evgeny Victorovich

    Urologist, andrologist in Professor Yutskovskaya’s Clinic

    Member ISAAM (European Society for the Study of Aging Men), member of RSU (the Russian Society of Urology), member of the society of "Men's health", member of PAAR (Professional Association of Andrologists of Russia), member of the ESSM (European Society of Sexual Medicine), expert in the field of aesthetic correction of the genitalia of the Corporation Euromedicom.

    Has experience in publishing, coaching and methodical work, is a teacher in Professor Yutskovskaya’s School, actively participates in international and interregional specialized events.

    In 2011-2013 Evgeny was working as a scientific secretary of the professional magazine “Far East Journal of Dermatology, cosmetology and plastic surgery” (Vladivostok).

    In 2013 Dr.Leshunov received a prestigious grant “Umnick” from Bortnik Fund. This prize was awarded for the development of innovative drug for cryopreservation of sperm.

    In 2014 at the international congress on aesthetic and anti-aging medicine (AMEC 2014) Evgeny Leshunov was awarded a prize for the best method of vulvovaginal rejuvenation. The method of treatment of vulvar lichen sclerosus, which has been developed in Professor Yutskovskaya’s Clinic, is being implemented all over the world.

    Evgeny Leshunov holds seminars “Aesthetic gynecology”, "Aesthetic andrology". Actively cooperates with many training centers in the framework of projects of Professor Yutskovskaya’s School.

    Foreign training:

    2014 (September) – Beijing. China. General Navy hospital, Department of plastic surgery and laser dermatology.

    2014 (November) – Cairo, Egypt. Cairo national University. Clinic of Dr. Fathy Khodair.

    2015 (January) – Hofei, China. Clinic "One&Only".

    2015 (February) – Seoul, South Korea. Clinic "Female Urology Clinic".

    2015 (February) – Taipei, Taiwan. The National Center of Reproduction.

    2015 (March) – Jena, Germany. Laser center Asclepion.

    2015 (April) – Sao Paulo, Brazil. Clinic Dra. Alessandra Haddad.

    2015 (August) – Santiago, Chile. Clinic "Rejuvenece".

    Membership in professional organizations:

    Member ISAAM (European Society for the Study of Aging in Men)

    Member of the RSU (Russian Society of Urology)

    Member of the society of "Men's health"

    Member of PAAR (Professional Association of Andrologists of Russia)

    Member of the ESSM (European Society of Sexual Medicine)

    Member of WOSIAM (World Society of Interdisciplinary Anti-ageing Medicine)

    Research interest:

    Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery of the urogenital area in both men and women. Male and female sexual dysfunctions. Male infertility.

    Записаться на прием



    Evgeny graduated from Pacific State Medical University (Vladivostok)


    Ординатура по Урологии на Кафедре урологии Государственного Бюджетного Учреждения Дополнительного Профессионального Образования "Институт Повышения Квалификации Федерального Медико-Биологического Агенства России" под руководством профессора Мартова А.Г.

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