Sergeeva Anna Daniilovna

    Anna Sergeeva is a hereditary doctor, and started to learn medicine at school, studying un a specialized school. However, the final choice of the specialization was influenced by her mother with who she was working as an aesthetician at the third course of the institute. It was the time, when Anna fell in love with cosmetology.

    Since 2014 She has been working in the team of Yana Yutskovskaya.

    Since 2016 She has been a teacher in Professor Yutskovskaya’s School.

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    Certificates and diplomas



    Клиническая стажировка по Общей хирургии на базе Floresca Hospital Бухарест, Румыния.


    She graduated from Izhevsk State Medical Academy, specialty – general medicine, qualification-doctor.


    She was having a training in a clinical residency at Pirogov Russian National University at the department of Dermatovenerology of medical faculty.


    Тематическое усовершенствование по специальности дерматоскопия, на кафедре Кожных и венерических болезней НижГМА. г Нижний- Новгород.


    Обучающий курс II International Traning "Peelings and Injections " SKIN TECH Барселона, Испания.


    Профессиональная переподготовка на Факультете повышения квалификации медицинских работников Медицинского института РУДН по программе Косметология.


    Обучение по применению технологии сфокусированного ультразвукового лифтинга Альтера (Ulthera System)


    Участие в экспертном тренинге на базе клиники Dr. Phiilippe Deprez - Skin Tech & Aesthetic Dermal product Peelings Medical Device Clacc IIa & RRS line medical Cocktails Class III Эмпориобрава, Испания.

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