Non-surgical correction of mons pubis


Correction of mons pubis - is the procedure conducted to restore normal anatomical proportions of the pubic area, which has changed due to the consequences of childbirth and age-related changes.


Mons pubis is the beginning of the urogenital area that is why the changes in the pubic area can significantly affect the appearance of the external genitalia. Deformation of the mons can be caused by obesity, sudden weight loss and involutional processes.


Excess fat in the pubic area limits the activities, causes hygienic, aesthetic and sexual problems, frequent development of local infections. These disorders can lead to psychosocial disorders. Another factor that contributes to the development of psychosocial disorders is that the changes in the pubic area cannot be hidden under the clothes.


Minimally invasive techniques to correct the mons pubis are actively developing today. For example, lipolytic solutions help reduce local fat deposits without any surgeries.


Today, there are many techniques in cosmology, which help reduce local fat deposits and ptosis of the pubic area in one procedure.


How it works: The lipolytic solution (destroys fatty tissue) is injected in the pubic area, what causes a reduction of the volume of fatty tissue.


The result: after the procedure You will see a significant increase of the volume. However, the final result can be assessed in a month, when the tissue takes the appropriate position and the swelling stops.


The procedure


The technique: minimally invasive correction of the pubic area is based on the injection of the lipolytic solution in the pubic area (in the fatty tissue). The injection is performed with special needles, created especially for this procedure.

Anesthesia: the procedure is performed on the ambulatory basis that is why the doctor applies local anesthesia with modern long-acting anesthetics. The solution of the anesthetic is mixed with the solution of lipolytic what helps eliminate pain.

The duration of the procedure: 30-40 minutes

The rehabilitation: the discomfort and swelling in the pubic area remains for 2 weeks.

The patient should refrain from sport activities, swimming and going to sauna.

The duration of the effect: the effect is stable, however, it depends on the condition of metabolism and eating habits.

Warning: the procedure should be performed by a specialist.

Development of the procedure

Методика: Малоинвазивная коррекция лобковой области основывается на введении липолитического раствора (соли дезоксихолиевой к-ты) в область лобка, строго в жировую ткань. Инъекция проводится с использованием специальных игл, созданных для этой процедуры.

Анестезия: Процедура проводится в амбулаторных условиях, по этому используется местная  анестезия с применением современных анестетиков длительного действия. Раствор анестетика добавляется в раствор липолитика, что позволяет исключить болевые ощущения.

Время процедуры: 30-40 мин, после которого пациентка свободно отправляется домой или по своим делам.

Реабилитация: Дискомфорт и отек в зоне операции сохраняются до 2 недели, что обусловлено характером выполняемой процедуры. В течении 1 недели ограничивается спорт, сауна, баня и бассейн.

Длительность:  Эффект стойкий, однако зависит от Вашего уровня метаболизма и пищевого поведения.

Осторожно: Процедура должна выполнятся специалистом

Болезненность: Отсутствует или слабо выражена



Evgeny Victorovich

Urologist, andrologist, plastic surgeon in Professor Yutskovskaya’s Clinic

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