Implantation of testicular implants

Effective solution to a delicate problem.

Monorchia and anorchia – congenital absence of one testicle or both of them. Aesthetic correction is performed by implantation of testicular implants.

The problem: anorchia, monorchia

The purpose: to restore the normal anatomy and eliminate the congenital/ acquired defect

How it works: silicone testicle implant is placed in the cavity of the scrotum

The result: the effect is seen after the procedure, however, the final result can be assessed in 2 months after the full recovery.

Important: the result may differ from the one you imagine

The method: after the preliminary consultation, photographic documentation and marking, the doctor performs a skin incision with radio surgical scalpel and places silicone testicle implant in the cavity of the scrotum. And then the skin wounds are closed with absorbable cosmetic sutures.

Contradictions: Mental illness, infectious and systemic diseases in the stage of decompensation

Anesthesia: conduction/ spinal anesthesia

The duration of the procedure: 60 min

Rehabilitation: 1-1,5 months without sex

The duration of the effect: the effect is permanent, however, there might be a need to replace the implant in 5-7 years.

Warning: the procedure should be performed by a specialist

Pain: almost no pain

The price: is determined at the preliminary consultation and depends on the severity of changes.

The features of the procedure at the Clinic of Professor Yutskovskaya: the procedure is performed by andrologist, plastic surgeon. Such procedures have been performed since 2011. The doctor uses radio surgical scalpel and biodegradable suture material.

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