Intimate plastic surgery is a branch of medicine that combines the knowledge of such specialists as gynecologist, urologist, cosmetologist, plastic surgeon, for prevention and correction of congenital or developed changes in uro - and anogenital region.


This type of aesthetic vaginal surgery is used for treatment of the syndrome of "big vagina". An experienced plastic surgeon models the lumen of the vagina. Narrowing is done along the entire length of the vagina, and not just at the beginning, which in turn leads to greater satisfaction with a procedure among the patients and their partners. This procedure can be combined with other types of intimate surgeries, to achieve the best result.

Development of the procedure

This procedure can be done under general or local anesthesia. We have improved the classical technique of vaginoplasty, that is why we perform most of the procedures under local anesthesia.

Instead of a scalpel, we use radiofrequency device Ellman Surgitron of the last generation to make the incisions extremely precise and minimally traumatic.

The procedure lasts for 60 minutes; the rehabilitation period lasts for 10-15 days. Contradictions to the procedure: inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, diabetes, infections, sexually transmitted diseases, mental illness.  

See also:

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1. Первичная консультация врача акушера-гинеколога (к.м.н.) - 2 500 рублей

2. Расширенная цифровая видеокольпоскопия - 2 000 рублей

3. Исследование соскобов шейки матки и цервикального канала - 850 рублей

4. Увеличение чувствительности клитора - 25 000 рублей

5. Лазерное вагинальное омоложение - 23 000 рублей

Пластика половых губ 1-ой степени сложности
25 000 ₽
Other professionals
Пластика половых губ 2-ой степени сложности
30 000 ₽
Other professionals
Пластика половых губ 3-ей степени сложности
35 000 ₽
Other professionals
Пластика половых губ 4-ой степени сложности
40 000 ₽
Other professionals
Пластика (уменьшение клитора)
35 000 ₽
Other professionals
Хирургическое обнажение клитора
30 000 ₽
Other professionals


Лилия Наилевна

Кандидат медицинских наук, врач акушер-гинеколог, врач ультразвуковой диагностики. Опыт работы более 12 лет.

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