Hormonal contraception has significantly developed over the past years and cannot harm a woman’s health if it is properly chosen.

We stand for hormonal contraception because it allows you and your sexual partner to be closer to each other, to experience the feelings, which greatly improves psycho-emotional state of both. Besides, it is the most reliable method of protection from unwanted pregnancy. There are 4 protection mechanisms:

  • Suppression of ovulation
  • Increase in viscosity of mucus in the cervix, significantly inhibiting sperm penetration
  • Changes in the inner layer of the uterus (endometrium), preventing implantation of a fertilized ovum
  • Decline in motor abilities of sperm


We recommend hormonal contraception because it is convenient. Today there is a great variety of forms and ways of hormonal contraception: combined oral contraceptives (COC), vaginal rings, skin patches, intrauterine spirals (IUS). Using such methods, you can stop controlling yourself to take pills- COC once a day, patches once a week, rings once a month, or IUS once in five years.

Another advantage of hormonal contraception is that it can remove any discomfort and pain during menstrual cycle and normalize it.

We stand for combined oral contraception in case of planned pregnancy, because the period between the drug withdrawal and planned conception is negligible (1 to 3 months). In addition, infertility problems can be solved by cancellation of COC.  

Combined oral contraception reduces the risk of development of inflammatory diseases.

What is more, hormonal contraception preserves ovulatory reserve and prevents the development of cysts and tumors.

Hormonal contraception (HC) is good for young girls suffering from acne, excessive oiliness of hair and skin (hyperandrogenism). Some of COC drugs have antiandrogenic effect, which helps to improve skin condition. HC reduces the excessive growth of dark, long hair of male type (hirsutism). HC is used in treatment of premenstrual syndrome.

Finally, we stand for IUS for women who have already performed their reproductive function. IUS is set for 5 years, which allows the woman to stop caring about buying and taking other drugs. In addition, such system is used to treat and prevent the development of uterine fibroids, endometrial hyperplasia and adenomyosis.  

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