Aging and pregnancy can have negative consequences on the condition of labia majora. They can lose elasticity, become hyper-pigmented, enlarge in size and drop (Ptosis).

Hypertrophy and Ptosis of labia majora are often visualized when Women wear tight clothes ( such as leggings, swimming suit, clothes for yoga etc.). Such situation got a specific name – “camel toe” due to visual resemblance.

Surgical correction of labia majora is one of the most effective methods of eliminating Ptosis, hypertrophy and hyper pigmentation of labia majora.

How it works:  Excision of a part of labium majus helps reduce the size of labia and restores the natural shape of vulva.


The result: the improvement is seen immediately after the procedure, but the final result can be assessed in two months.

Development of the procedure

Method: Radio-wave excision and surgery of labia majora are performed according to the unique technique developed by the doctors of Professor Yutskovskaya’s Clinic.

Anesthesia: the procedure is performed on ambulatory basis, that is why a doctor applies local infiltration anesthesia with modern anesthetics with prolonged action.

The time: the procedure lasts for 60 minutes

Rehabilitation: discomfort and swelling will remain for no more than a week. For a month the patient should refrain from sexual life, sport activities, sauna and swimming pool.

Duration: the result is lasting and permanent, but does not exclude the impact of aging processes.


Warning: the procedure should be performed by a specialist.


Pain: almost no pain.

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