Correction of a short frenulum of penis (Frenuloplasty) – is a surgery performed to restore anatomically correct structure of the frenulum of the penis and to treat premature ejaculation. Frenulum surgery is one of the most performed procedures in aesthetic andrology, since many men have problems with excessive tension of the frenulum, frequent trauma during sexual intercourse, scars after previous breaks. Frenuloplasty or frenulum surgery can be performed to eliminate premature ejaculation, as about 60 % of men suffering from this disease note excessive tension of the foreskin during sexual intercourse. Elimination of short frenulum of the penis can be performed in the form of minimally invasive surgery or in combination with plastic surgery using aesthetic or standard method (see foreskin plastic surgery).

Development of the procedure

This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia with modern anesthetic drugs, which makes it possible to extend the effect up to 6 hours. The operation may be performed under sedation (for patients with increased levels of mental and emotional receptivity).

The skin incision is performed with laser or radiowave scalpel. The wound closure is carried out according to a skin-plastic technique using absorbable suture material, avoiding formation of visible scars.

Contradictions to the procedure: chronic somatic diseases in decompensation stage, active inflammatory processes, mental illness and coagulopathy.

Rehabilitation period lasts for 3 weeks (the patient will be limited in physical exertion and sexual activity).


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1. Увеличение объема тела полового члена - 30 000 рублей

2. Лечение недержания мочи 1 стадии (лазер) - 18 000 рублей

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