Buried penis syndrome is a syndrome that appears due to a congenital anomaly of acquired deformity of the external genitalia, when the penis is of a normal size, but is hidden by the surrounding tissues of the scrotum and adipose tissue of the pubes. At the same time, the penis is greatly reduced in external size and often presented only by the skin. Such pathology can be congenital, but it can also be acquired because of high degrees obesity.

There are many methods of correction of this syndrome, but none of them is considered the best. It is wrong to assume that the implementation of the plasty of the foreskin without removing the shaft of the penis from the surrounding tissue and forming its clear outline may give a good aesthetic effect. In this case, the penis may be hidden by surrounding tissues and a cicatricle ring will be formed around the glans penis.

Development of the procedure

The doctors in the network of Professor Yutskovskaya’s Clinics eliminate this syndrome using a combined method of correction, including liposuction, ligamentum and plastic surgery of the tissues of the penis. This complex of operations is performed on an outpatient or inpatient basis.

The procedure lasts for 60-80 minutes.

The skin incision is performed with laser or radiowave scalpel. The wound closure is carried out according to a skin-plastic technique using absorbable suture material, avoiding formation of visible scars.

Contradictions to the procedure: somatic chronic diseases in decompensation stage, inflammatory processes, mental illness and coagulopathy.

Rehabilitation period is up to 6 weeks (the patient will be limited in physical exertion and sexual activity)

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