Labiaplasty is a procedure, which removes excess of the labia minora or performs its correction. The size of the labia minora is individual and there are no aesthetic standards in the intimate area. Over the time, due to hormonal changes, injuries or other reasons some women suffer from hypertrophy- a significant increase of the labia minora.

Hypertrophy leads not only to aesthetic inconvenience, but also to reduction in sexual sensitivity of the lips and the clitoral glans.

Laser Labiaplasty helps:

  • Reduce the size and change the shape of the labia minora
  • Eliminate pigmentation
  • Correct the asymmetry of the labia
  • Remove excessive folds
  • Get rid of the sagging labia minora
  • Restore sexual sensitivity

Development of the procedure

In the network of Professor Yutskovskaya’s Clinics labiaplasty is performed with different minimally invasive methods with local anesthesia, which allows a woman to go home after the procedure. Labiaplasty makes it possible to return the aesthetic appearance of the labia minora and restore the sexual feelings.

Contradictions to the procedure: inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, sexually transmitted infections, mental illness.   


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1. Первичная консультация врача акушера-гинеколога (к.м.н.) - 2 500 рублей

2. Расширенная цифровая видеокольпоскопия - 2 000 рублей

3. Исследование соскобов шейки матки и цервикального канала - 850 рублей

4. Увеличение чувствительности клитора - 25 000 рублей

5. Лазерное вагинальное омоложение - 23 000 рублей

Лабиопластика (уменьшение малых половых губ) 1 степени
25 000 ₽
Other professionals
Лабиопластика (уменьшение малых половых губ) 2 степени
35 000 ₽
Other professionals
Лабиопластика (уменьшение малых половых губ) 3 степени
45 000 ₽
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Лабиопластика (уменьшение малых половых губ) 4 степени
60 000 ₽
Other professionals
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