If pregnancy does not occur within one year of regular (2-3 times a week) sex life without contraception, the marriage is called infertile. Today female and male infertility occurs with equal frequency.

The reasons for female infertility:

  • Infectious diseases of the genitourinary system and their complications- the most common cause of infertility (up to 70-80% of cases)
  • Congenital defects of the uterus, and complications after surgery and induced abortions
  • Pathology of the fallopian tubes, preventing the fertilized sex cell from entering the uterus
  • Hormonal disorders, which make ovulation impossible
  • Immunological disorders

Ход процедуры

The appropriate method of treatment is chosen by the doctor after a thorough diagnostics of the couple and determination of the type of infertility.

In case of infectious diseases, than the sexual partners should pass through antibacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment with control tests. In case of tubal infertility and outer endometriosis, the disorders of the patency of the fallopian tubes are eliminated with laparoscopy operation, removal of pathological lesions and dissection of adhesions. The areas of endometriosis are also eliminated during the procedure. After that, the medical treatment is essential. Various pathologies of the uterus are removed with the help of reconstructive plastic surgery. Treatment of immunological infertility by using various techniques, including plasmapheresis. The injection of the spouse’s lymphocytes under the skin of the woman. In case of endocrine infertility, than the treatment includes correction of hormonal levels and stimulation of ovarian function, including stimulation with the drugs: clomiphene, recombinant gonadotropins and others. During the cycles of ovulation stimulation, the doctor conducts folliculometry-a transvaginal ultrasound study to determine the efficiency- the growth of follicles and examines if the ovulation is accomplished.

The causes of male infertility: infectious diseases of the urogenital organs, congenital defects of the genital organs, trauma, complications after surgery. The treatment of male infertility includes procedures aimed at stimulation of spermatogenesis, as well as restoration of patency of the seminal tract using medical treatment or surgery.

Unique techniques of infertility treatment in our clinic allow achieving pregnancy in a natural way of 80-85% of patients. If those methods do not help, than different types of IVF can solve the problem. It is important to understand that the decision to use IVF should be well considered and justified. No more than three percent of infertile couples need IVF, for others conservative or surgical treatment is enough. Successful IVF at the first attempt, on average, occurs in 30% of cases. The older the woman, the lower her chance of getting pregnant even in this way, because the qualitative indicators of germ cells (ovarian reserve) worsen with age. If multiple attempts of did not help to achieve the result, than the doctors recommend IVF with the donor’s ovum. In case of the absence of the uterus and severe defects of the uterus, it is possible to resort to surrogacy.

Indications for IVF:

  • The absence of fallopian tubes, and their obstruction (which cannot be corrected)
  • Endocrine infertility (in case the hormonal therapy does not help)
  • Severe oligozoospermy
  • Infertility of unclear genesis

Contradictions (to women):

  • Cancer
  • Acute inflammatory diseases
  • Mental disorders
  • Benign tumors of the ovaries or uterus
  • Pathology of the uterus, which makes it impossible to transplant a fertilized ovum or its development

One of the specialties of the Clinics of Professor Yutskovskaya’s is preparation for childbirth.


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