The network of Professor Yutskovskaya’s Clinics provide licensed services for treatment of infectious-inflammatory diseases of the lower women and men’s urinary tract.

The most common urological men diseases are specific and non-specific urethritis and congestive prostatitis caused by sedentary lifestyle.

Women often suffer from the cystitis of the lower urinary tract, including post-coital (when cystitis occurs after every sexual contact). Post-coital cystitis is caused by anatomic features of women, and today it is successfully corrected through minimally invasive procedures. For the treatment of interstitial cystitis, the doctors of the clinic carry instillation of bladder with non-stabilized gels of hyaluronic acid to restore the mucosa.

The result of the therapy of prostatitis, urethritis and cystitis depends on the correct diagnosis. The doctors of the network of Professor Yutskovskaya’s Clinics conduct the full range of tests necessary for accurate diagnosis of urological diseases, including cystoscopy of the bladder and urethra. Contraindications to the treatment are determined by the physician.

Ход процедуры

The examination of patients with symptoms of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the lower urinary tract is conducted by the urologist in the network of Professor Yutskovskaya’s Clinics. For an accurate diagnosis, in most cases, patients need to be tested. As the reasons are defined and the diagnosis is determined, the doctor can assign the appropriate therapy.

Treatment of cystitis, urethritis and other infectious and inflammatory diseases is conducted in medical ways. The doctor can also give advice on nutrition and physical activity to fasten the recovery.

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