The beauty and attractiveness of women is directly related to the health of her reproductive organs. Chronic gynecological diseases lead to disability of women violations of reproductive functions and other adverse consequences.

The doctors in the network of Professor Yutskovskaya’s Clinics pay great attention to the timely detection and treatment of diseases of the female genital organs.

The experienced doctors in the network of Professor Yutskovskaya’s Clinics help women to get rid of the diseases such as:

  • Uterine fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • Dysfunction of the ovaries
  • Bleeding
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Cervical erosion
  • Inflammation of the uterus
  • Incontinence
  • Kraurosis of the vulva 
  • Sexually transmitted infections and other diseases of the genital organs

Gynecologists of our Clinics provide professional help to women in the period of menopause.

Ход процедуры

Treatment of the diseases of female genital organs is a multilateral process, which depends on the timeliness of the gynecologist’s consultation and on the correct diagnosis. The gynecologists in the network of Professor Yutskovskaya’s Clinics are qualified, experienced and constantly improve their skills and knowledge. The Clinics are equipped with modern medical equipment, which enables to diagnose the disease with high accuracy and to conduct effective therapy.

Sign up for an appointment with a gynecologist in the network of Professor Yutskovskaya’s Clinics to prevent the development of diseases of female genital organs, and to detect dangerous diseases timely.


Evgeny Victorovich

Urologist, andrologist, plastic surgeon in Professor Yutskovskaya’s Clinic

Лилия Наилевна

Кандидат медицинских наук, врач акушер-гинеколог, врач ультразвуковой диагностики. Опыт работы более 12 лет.

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