In the network of Professor Yutskovskaya’s Clinics, the treatment of female sexual dysfunctions is carried out by the doctors of worldwide fame as the best specialists in aesthetic gynecology, which are also the authors of many studies and the latest techniques.

Female sexual dysfunctions is a disorder associated with sexual contact, which causes concern, dissatisfaction or pain.

The disorders, which can be cured:

  • Decreased libido
  • Lack of sexual arousal
  • Chronic or periodic inability to achieve orgasm
  • Dyspareunia (pain during intercourse)
  • Vaginism (involuntary spasms of the vagina)

The treatment of the female sexual disorders in the network of Professor Yutskovskaya’s Clinics is carried out with such modern techniques as intimate contour plastic surgery, laser vaginal rejuvenation, radio-wave surgery.

Development of the procedure

Experienced gynecologists, gynecologists-endocrinologists and urologists, in accordance with the problem, choose the method of correction. None of such methods requires long rehabilitation. Restoration of women’s sexual life in most cases leads to an improvement in their health and quality of life.


Evgeny Victorovich

Urologist, andrologist, plastic surgeon in Professor Yutskovskaya’s Clinic

Артур Суренович

Врач акушер-гинеколог, врач УЗИ-диагностики, гинеколог-эндокринолог. Опыт работы более 20 лет.

Лилия Наилевна

Кандидат медицинских наук, врач акушер-гинеколог, врач ультразвуковой диагностики. Опыт работы более 12 лет.

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