Lipofilling – is a contour plastic surgery, using your own fat. This procedure makes it possible to take fat from a problem area and inject it to the zone, which has lost its volume.

Indications to the procedure

  • Restoration of lost volume in the areas of cheekbones, cheeks, nasolabial folds
  • Restoration of lost volume of hands
  • Correction of atrophic scars
  • Buttock augmentation
  • Breast augmentation
  • Correction of post-traumatic asymmetry

Ход процедуры

  • Local anesthesia of the treated area
  • The procedure of intake of fat
  • Fat is centrifuged and injected into the treated area

Any special care after the procedure is not required. The result is stable and lasts for years.

The procedure is performed in the outpatient settings and lasts for 1-1.5 hours.


On average, it takes 7-14 days, and there are no significant restrictions for a patient.

Attention! There are contradictions to the procedure, which are discussed individually with a specialist.

Липофилинг кистей рук

Липофилинг кистей рукЛипофилинг кистей рук

Омоложение кистей рук. Данная процедура выполняется под местной анестезией. Трансплантация аутожира с области живота на тыльную поверхность кисти. Результат перманентный.

Липофилинг губ

Липофилинг губЛипофилинг губ

Процедура пересадки собственного жира в область губ, с целью увеличения объема. Под местной анестезией, не требующей общего наркоза.


Eduard Grigorievich

Plastic surgeon in Professor Yutskovskaya’s Clinic, one of the leading teachers in Professor Yutskovskaya’s School. A huge experience of participation in international medical conferences.

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