Facial massage – a simple and time-tested cosmetic procedure, which has a significant rejuvenating effect, in case it is properly and regularly done.

Classical massage is indicated for women of any age. Rejuvenation occurs due to the acceleration of blood circulation and improvement of metabolism in the skin cells.

The effects of a course of cosmetic manual massage done in the Professor Yutskovskaya’s Clinic:

  • Tones the skin
  • Increases elasticity
  • Strengthens the muscles of the face and neck
  • Gets rid of swelling and reduces the pasty
  • Increases lymphatic drainage
  • Removes stagnant spots
  • Cleanses the skin from comedones
  • Reduces body fat
  • Evens out the skin relief
  • Wrinkles are smoothed out

Contradictions to the procedure: pustular rash, local skin infections, herpes, fungal infections, large warts and moles, pregnancy.

Ход процедуры

First, the cosmetologists properly cleanses the patient’s skin and then applies a special emollient. After the preparations, the doctor gives a massage, in following the rules: firstly, stroking and soothing movements, then more intensely.

Finishing the procedure, the cosmetologist applies a soothing mask.

To have a more visible effect of the massage, it is advisable to take massage courses on a regular basis.

Вакуумный массаж лица в дополнение к процедуре
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