Home face care as well as other cosmetic procedures is an integral part of face care during the rehabilitation period after aggressive techniques (injections, chemical peels, etc.) and in every day face care.

The basis of home care consists of cleansing, toning, moisturizing, nutrition and protection. However, it is necessary to consider what remedies you use, because many of them can not only improve, but also cause damage the skin condition.

Indispensable components of appropriate care:

  • Properly chosen cosmetic products in accordance with skin type
  • Regularity of application
  • Proper combination of cosmetic products

In our clinic, we offer several cosmetic brands for skin care.

Spanish brand Skin Tech contains creams both for aged and young skin. They consist of vitamins (A, C, E), antioxidants, essential oils, allantoin and other components that are involved in the process of normalization of the hydro-lipid balance of the skin, cell renewal, improvement of skin pigmentation, reduction of wrinkles and rapid healing of microtrauma, got during cosmetic procedures. These cosmetics also help solve the problems of skin prone to rashes. This brand has special medications that help to get rid of fat, inflammation, swelling and rashes.

NEOCUTIS Swiss brand for anti-aging care. Medications NEOCUTIS restore the natural balance of the skin, because of PSP-technology, which has a pronounced anti-aging and wound-healing effect. That is why such medicaments are recommended after chemical peelings, dermabrasion and injections. They nourish and regenerate the skin after exposure to external factors (UV radiation, dry air, etc.)

NEOCUTIS products are suitable for people with different types of skin problems and skin types.

American brand Skin Ceuticals includes a wide range of products, aimed at preventing and correction of age-related changes, treatment of inflammatory skin changes, pigmentation disorders and oxidant/antioxidant balance of the skin.

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  • The medicaments should be chosen by a specialist
  • It is important to maintain regularity
  • If you experience adverse reactions after application (redness, itching), consult your doctor.


Galina Alexandrovna

The candidate of medical Sciences, associate professor at Dermatovenerology Department of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR). Dermatovenerologist and cosmetologist. The working experience is more than 12 years.

Ttatiana Sergeevna

Dermatologist, cosmetologist, clinical mycologist.

Anna Daniilovna


Светлана Анатольевна

Косметолог-эстетист, опыт работы более 25 лет.

Алена Игоревна

Врач дерматовенеролог

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