Hormone Replacement Therapy – intake of drugs, which normalize the level of sex hormones to prevent menopause and to alleviate its symptoms.

The doctors (obstetricians and gynecologists-endocrinologists) in Professor Yutskovskaya’s Clinic prescribe Hormone Replacement Therapy only for those women who really need it.

Hormone Replacement Therapy is indicated to women with severe climacteric syndrome, which significantly worsens her quality of life. Severe form of menopause is usually typical of women suffering from hypertension, fat metabolism disorders, the peculiarities of the nervous systems and for thouse who had gynecological diseases.

The symptoms of severe climacteric syndrome:

  • Sleep disorders
  • High temper
  • Irritability

Women suffering from menopause, often prone to gynecological, cardiovascular, endocrine and other diseases. Modern drugs make it possible for Hormone Replacement Therapy to ease menopause and to prevent the development of many diseases.

Ход процедуры

The doctor prescribes hormones only after thorough examination of the patient, which includes testing the level of female and male sex hormones, studying of biochemical parameters and blood clotting etc. The gynecologist makes sure that there no contradictions and after that prescribes the treatment. Intake of hormonal drugs without the doctor’s prescription is strictly not recommended. Correctly executed doctor’s recommendations will allow a woman to pass the menopausal period easier, improve the quality and increase the life expectancy.

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